Is a payment necessary to confirm the reservation?2019-11-18T07:49:54+00:00

Yes. But we offer flexible cancellation with full refund.

Which payment methods are allowed?2019-11-18T07:47:57+00:00

Book and pay on Airbnb,

Are there any hidden costs?2019-11-18T07:47:25+00:00

No. All the costs mentioned in your quote / confirmation are final. There are no surcharges or hidden fees unless you modify your reservation. In case of accident or damage, the confirmed security deposit will be the maximum amount charged.

Please note that fuel and tolls are to be paid by the traveller.

Is there a minimum rental period?2019-11-18T07:46:58+00:00

The minimum rental period is 2 days.

What’s the service charge for?2019-11-18T07:45:42+00:00

The service fee is charged once for every booking. It includes the bedding kit, the kitchen kit, a cleaning kit, the portable cooker, the cooling box, and pick up/drop off transfer service during our office hours.

What do I need to bring when I collect the camperwagon?2019-11-18T07:45:17+00:00

When coming to collect the camperwagon you should have with you:

  • Driving licence from all drivers
  • Credit card of the hirer/renter (with enough funds to
  • cover the Liability/ Security Deposit)
  • Passport / I.D.
  • Booking reference
  • The person driving the vehicle needs to be the same as the credit card holder for the security deposit.
Is there a 24hr pick up/drop off service?2019-11-18T07:44:35+00:00

Yes. Check-in times are between 17:00 and 22:00, and check-outs from 08:00 to 11:00. Want a different time to check-in or out? Use our 24h check-in and check-out service, but do keep in mind that an extra fee will be added to your booking.

Where can I pick up and drop off the wagon?2019-11-18T07:44:06+00:00

We offer pick up and drop off at two locations. The drop off should be made at our headquarters according to the agreement in the contract. At the drop off we need to carefully check the camperwagon for potential damages, refunds, etc.

Tromsø: Anton Jakobsens veg 24. 9020 Tromsdalen

Svolvær: Ørnveien 25. 8300 Svolvær

What are the conditions of returning the camperwagon?2019-11-18T07:43:21+00:00

The camper should be returned with the same level of fuel as you had at the time of pick up.

What happens if I arrive late for the collection of the camperwagon?2019-11-18T07:42:46+00:00

As soon as you know about the delay, you should contact us by phone. We will then inform the responsible Operational staff about your delay and apply potential late pick up/drop off fees, if outside the office hours. Since the delay is not scheduled, waiting times may occur.

What happens if I miss my flight or it is delayed?2019-11-18T07:42:16+00:00

In case the pick-up cannot be made on the booked day due to delays, please contact us as soon as you are aware of the situation. Days of the booking cannot be refunded. We can help you with organising accommodation and transports if needed, depending on availability.

Which driving licence is required to drive a camperwagon?2019-11-18T07:41:46+00:00

To drive our camperwagon, a normal valid driving licence category B is required and the driver must be over 18 years old. For short and medium term rentals, there is no international license required.

Is there a minimum age to drive a camperwagon?2019-11-18T07:41:07+00:00

The minimum age to drive our camperwagons is 18 years old.

What should I do if I have to cancel my reservation?2019-11-18T07:40:22+00:00

In the event that you have to cancel your reservation with us, please do this on Airbnb.

What is the Cancellation Policy?2019-11-18T07:39:47+00:00

Read the policy on Airbnb

What if I want to modify my booking after the reservation is completed?2019-11-18T07:39:11+00:00

A change in dates, locations, type of camperwagon or other details will depend on the current availability and must be approved by The North Wagons. We will always try our best to make our travelers happy, so do not hesitate to contact us directly for individual requests. Contact on Airbnb.

The Camperwagons

Do the campervans have manual or automatic transmission?2019-11-18T07:37:56+00:00

All our camperwagons have manual transmission.

How many people can ride in a camperwagon?2019-11-18T07:37:18+00:00

Our models are equipped with seatbelts for 3 passengers, having 1 double bed. Sleeping capacity is 2 persons

Can the camperwagon accommodate people with special needs?2019-11-18T07:35:41+00:00

Unfortunately our wagons do not have wheelchair ramps or tie-down docks at this time. However, that is something we wish to address in a near future, since it is our goal to ensure the accessibility of this kind of experience to the maximum number of people.

Are the camperwagons supplied with a full tank of diesel?2019-11-18T07:35:09+00:00

We always try to provide a full tank, so you can enjoy your road trip right after pick up. Should you receive a camper with less than a full tank, we will take note on your contract and you are required to refuel at the same level as pick up.

Do I have to refuel them?2019-11-18T07:34:41+00:00

Yes, the camperwagon needs to be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the time of pick up, otherwise re-fuel charges will apply.

Do I have to clean the camperwagon?2019-11-18T07:34:09+00:00

The camperwagon should be returned in a clean condition. The extras you have rented should be cleaned and returned. In the case of a returned camperwagon that needs professional cleaning, an additional cleaning fee of 1000 NOK will be charged.

What is included in every rental?2019-11-18T07:33:34+00:00

Every booking includes standard features in order to make your road trip experience perfect. We provide 24/7 roadside assistance, unlimited kilometers, bedding kit, cooking kit and a lot more.

Do I need to bring bedding sheets or sleeping bags?2019-11-18T07:33:02+00:00

No. We mitigate the need to carry all that bulky stuff on the plane and include in all rentals a duvet, pillows and bed sheets for all travelers stated in the booking. In winter season all cars are delivered with sleeping bags and blankets.

Do I need to bring child seat?2019-11-18T07:32:29+00:00

We offer child seats to the families traveling with kids. You just need to add it to your booking while making the reservation online (free of charge). Please make sure you share with us the age and weight of the child so we can have the proper seat available. The camperwagons have 3 point seatbelts. The isofix system is not available. Only front face seated child seats are possible because of air bag.

Also keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a specific model or brand for the seat as we have different models in different locations. However, you are naturally free to bring your own child seat if you prefer.

Does the camperwagon have air conditioning?2019-11-18T07:31:58+00:00

No. In winter season AC is not needed. In summer season the climate is usually not too hot in night time.

Does the camperWagon have an independent heating system?2019-11-18T07:31:10+00:00

Yes, the cars have an internal diesel heating system.

How does the shower work?2019-11-18T07:30:34+00:00

There is no shower in the cars. This you can rent at the local camping sites for a good price. No more than 50NOK.

How does the toilet work?2019-11-18T07:29:44+00:00

To urinate, you go out of the car and walk to the nearest bush. Don’t leave any toilet paper at parking lots or in nature. For bigger things, use our portable toilets. Instruction will be given at pick-up by our employees.

What is a cooling box? How does it work?2019-11-18T07:29:19+00:00

With every booking we are providing a cooling box. It is based on dry ice and salt. This makes the cooling last for a long time and is a method used by local fishermen.

We don’t provide a cooling box in winter season when this is not needed.

Does the camperwagon have sockets and plugs inside?2019-11-18T07:28:49+00:00

Yes. The camperwagon has a few car plugs with 12V outlets, 5v USB and 220v AC sockets.

What is the capacity of the fuel tank? How is the fuel consumption?2019-11-18T07:28:17+00:00

All our wagons run on Diesel. The tank fits 70 liters, depending on the size of the vehicle. The usage will vary on the driving behaviour, but the average consumption is 0,9 liters per mile.

Where can I refuel the freshwater tank?2019-11-18T07:27:38+00:00

All around Europe you will find water facilities that allow you to refill the water deposit in your camper. Camping grounds, service areas or fuel stations are normal places where this is possible.

If I don’t plug the camper in overnight, may I run out of energy?2019-11-18T07:27:09+00:00

If you don’t have any gadgets plugged in, the secondary battery should power the back part for several days. The diesel heater system have approximately 8 hours stand by time before it needs to be recharged. We recommend to charge the camperwagon at least ones every second day if you are not driving around. While the camper is being driven on the road, it is charging the back battery and will therefore not require as much external charging.

Can I rent extra equipment such as surfboards, wetsuits, skis, snowshoes and other cool stuff?2019-11-18T07:25:55+00:00

Of course! Just send a request on Airbnb and we can agree about which equipment you can rent.

Do the camperwagons have surf or bike racks?2019-11-18T07:23:49+00:00

Yes, our camperwagons do have outside racks. You will be able to store your boards on the roof of the camper, maximum 100kg. The bikes can be easily stored behind the camperwagon on a bike rack.

How does the WiFi work? Is it available everywhere in Europe?2019-11-18T07:23:16+00:00

Our WiFi is provided by a 4G hotspot. The WiFi is provided by a small portable box that can be easily carried.

Is the camperwagon insured?2019-11-18T07:22:44+00:00

Of course! The Basic Insurance plan is included with every booking. This means that without paying any extra charges you are going to have unlimited kilometres, 24/7 roadside assistance and coverage for the damages caused to third parties.

What is the security deposit? How is it paid?2019-11-18T07:22:11+00:00

The security deposit required for the booking is set to 3000 NOK. This is basically the same as the liability of the camper. This amount will be blocked on your credit card during the road trip and can be deducted up to 20 days after drop-off – in case of any damages, traffic violation tickets or tolls.

What does the insurance cover?2019-11-18T07:21:28+00:00

All damages caused to third parties.

Does insurance cover my personal belongings?2019-11-18T07:20:53+00:00

The North Wagons is not legally allowed to stipulate an insurance that covers goods that are property of the traveler. We recommend contacting your personal insurance company to see if you are insurance during your travels or if they offer any additional traveler insurance. Many credit card companies (VISA, AMEX, etc) offer this service to their customers.

Are pets allowed?2019-11-18T07:20:23+00:00

No, due to other costumers that may be allergic.


Do you have a list of best spots and places to visit?2019-11-18T07:19:59+00:00

Our travel team is full of amazing advice for the perfect adventure. For any possible request, please feel free to contact us or check out our Facebook or Instagram.

Do you have a list of recommended campsites?2019-11-18T07:19:28+00:00

Yes, we do! All you have to do is to contact our friendly customer support team, or ask to our staff during check in, and they will be happy to help you!

Where am I allowed to travel?2019-11-18T07:19:03+00:00

You can drive all around Norway. So, get the most out of the unlimited kilometres that our wagons have to offer.

Do I have to stay in a campsite during the night?2019-11-18T07:18:09+00:00

We always recommend to spend the night at campsites or service areas since you will have available all the amenities you might need such as electricity (to charge the wagon), full bathroom, among others.

What happens if the camperwagon has any problems? Is there roadside assistance?2019-11-18T07:17:33+00:00

In case of an accident or if you need roadside assistance, you should immediately call us or the direct number of the location you picked-up the wagon. If needed, we will call roadside assistance for you in order to avoid any language barriers.

Who should I contact with any camperwagon questions?2019-11-18T07:17:05+00:00

If you are experiencing any issues with the camper during the travel or have doubts about functionalities, you are more than welcome to contact the phone number available in your contract or the The North Wagon number. You can reach us on Airbnb or phone.